Humanisation in Education: practices and possibilities in the Netherlands – Dr. Isolde de Groot

I would like to discus two possibilities for strengthening processes of humanisation in education which I came to identify based on the findings of a qualitative study into the democratic engagement of Dutch Adolescents (De Groot 2013) and a literature study of research on democratic citizenship education in the Netherlands and internationally. Its aim was to strengthen a democratic school culture and foster shared cultural narratives about how humane societies can be fostered. READ MORE

In praise of problems: managing learning in organisations? – Drs. Martijn Simons

What strikes me these days is that all problems in organisations changed into opportunities or challenges. This kind of positive thinking became a tool for managers.  When problems are detected, they should be swiped off the workplace as soon as possible. It seems as if problems in organisations are not worth existing. Either they are opportunities or they are solved (stashed) as soon as possible. This ignores and reduces problems, as much in quantity as in quality. There is no longer an attention for the problems that are worth problematising. In this article problems in organisations and the vital creative act of problematisation will be advocated. The theme of knowledge management and knowledge creation will be used here in praise of problems in organisations. Problematisation in organisations is most important for innovative knowledge creation in organisations. READ MORE